How to Plan the Perfect Hen Party on a Budget

Planning a hen party can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget. However, with some smart planning and creative ideas, it’s totally possible to throw a fun and memorable hen do without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for putting together the perfect hen party on a budget.

Set a Realistic Budget

The first step is to talk to the bride and agree on a realistic budget that works for everyone involved. Get an idea of what the bride is expecting and what the attendees can reasonably afford. A budget of £100-£150 per person is fairly standard for a hen party. If that’s beyond reach, aim for £50-75 per person as a more affordable option.

Embrace the Power of DIY

With a little creativity, you can DIY many elements of the hen party. Make your own hen party t-shirts, sashes, glasses, hats, and other accessories. You can even make your own hen do invites with some craft supplies and free printables. Getting everyone involved in DIY projects makes for fun pre-party bonding.

Choose the Location Wisely

Opting for a hen party in your hometown can save on travel and accommodation costs. If you do want to travel elsewhere, look into more budget-friendly destinations within the UK rather than expensive overseas trips. Avoid destinations like London or luxury country houses which come with a hefty price tag.

Take Advantage of Off-Peak Seasons

The timing of your hen party can make a big difference in cost. Avoid peak seasons when prices for flights, hotels, and activities are inflated. Travelling off-season – like autumn, winter, or spring – can mean huge savings. Also, make sure to avoid bank holidays and school holidays to save on costs.

Book Group Activities in Advance

Doing fun group activities is a hen party essential, but they don’t have to cost a fortune. Take advantage of group discounts by booking well in advance. See if you can get last-minute deals on group cocktails classes, spa treatments, or ‘paint and sip’ workshops. Scout deals websites like Groupon for the best offers.

Have Food and Drinks at Someone’s House First

Rather than spending a ton of cash at bars and restaurants, save money by doing food and drinks at someone’s home first. Have everyone bring a dish to share for a potluck meal. Provide inexpensive drinks like sangria or cocktails made with store-brand liquor. This allows time to pre-game and get a little tipsy before going out. It also ensures that everyone gets to eat something that they enjoy – something that can be difficult if heading to an Indian or Thai restaurant, for example.

Stick to Happy Hour for Going Out

When you do go out, be strategic by sticking to happy hour deals when prices are lower. Find bars with free entertainment like live music, trivia nights, or drag shows to maximise your fun per pound spent. This can be a great way to get entertainment on a budget… or even for free.

Avoid Clubbing and Bottle Service

Skip the expensive clubs and bottle service, which can blow your budget in one night. Focus on more affordable going-out options like pub crawls, bar games, karaoke, comedy shows, concert pre-parties or club nights with discounted cover charges.

Use Public Transportation

For transportation between activities, take advantage of public transportation like trains, buses, and tubes rather than relying on pricy taxis and Ubers everywhere. This can seriously cut down on costs. If you do have to get a taxi, make sure to get one that fits the whole party and split the cost.

Shop Pound Shops and Charity Shops

Get creative and save money by buying décor, prizes, accessories, and party supplies from pound shops, charity shops, online marketplaces, or wholesale suppliers. Discount and second-hand can still equal quality.

Create Fun Games and Activities

Rather than spending a lot on organised entertainment, get creative with DIY games and activities. Scavenger hunts, truth or dare, karaoke contests, and other interactive fun can fill the night with laughs and memories.

Focus On the Company, Not Extravagance

At its core, a hen party is about celebrating your best girlfriends. Don’t get caught up in having the most lavish or over-the-top event. Focus on enjoying quality time together, and the rest will fall into place perfectly.

Planning and budgeting well in advance is key to throwing a stellar hen party that won’t break the bank. With good friends and a creative spirit, you can have an absolute blast on a budget. The bride will feel special without the financial hangover!