Becks Perfect from The Sidechain

Becks Perfect, founder of The Sidechain:

“With the new election fast approaching, we should be looking even deeper at what technology will be doing for both businesses and individuals, particularly as it will be developing at an even more rapid pace than ever before and shifting much of what most people will be doing on a day to day basis. Whether or not there is a new government in place, I hope that the Framework that has already been set out by the current Secretary of State and The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology is at the very least looked at in greater detail and enhanced further by whoever is next in government.

“We have seen that of the five critical technologies that have been identified by the Framework, two in particular, artificial intelligence and future telecommunications, have been highlighted and we need to see further investment in both of these areas sooner rather than later. Artificial Intelligence in particular will not only provide fundamental changes to both personal and professional lives, but it lays the groundwork for more diverse roles and responsibilities within the workplace. Despite the scepticism that AI could be some form of ‘job killer’, this technology could and should provide avenues for wider skill sets and new roles to be created by those who embrace and pioneer this technology. It will also help smaller businesses achieve growth by creating automations that allow business owners to remain lean and become more efficient, which will help encourage even more entrepreneurial growth which should be recognised and backed by the next government.

“In terms of future telecommunications, this will be integral to the further development of other emerging technologies such as the imminent move towards a newer version of the internet (Web3). Investing in better telecommunications will work towards improving the current issues of interoperability particularly in prospective technologies such as virtual worlds. Plus the increased need for better bandwidth, particularly within underdeveloped countries should allow more people globally to fully embrace the huge technological shifts that are to come in the next five to ten years.

“Most importantly, I would hope that the next government prioritises the safety of its users in this rapidly changing technological space. From increased regulations, further clarity over grey areas such as taxation of digital assets and increased education for early adopters of the technology through to the next generation of users, our children. I would love to see more education in schools around future technology and how we, the UK, can really lead the charge for nurturing the next tech generation to embrace technology and how it can be an open and exciting career path for all.”