Gregor Hofer at Speech Graphics and Rapport

Gregor Hofer, CEO of Speech Graphics and Rapport commented:

“I’d like to see our future government prioritise reforming current regulations associated with AI training data. This is even more pressing considering advancements in AI are only set to continue. Setting clear and comprehensive regulations on the data that AI models can be trained on will be key to ensuring privacy, bias, and consent are carefully weighed against the need for innovation. Striking the right balance will be crucial to ensuring that AI development progresses responsibly and in a way that benefits our society.”

“I’d also welcome future focus on improving access to training data which will be crucial for UK start-ups that have been at the forefront of AI innovation. Currently, they face significant challenges in accessing high-quality training data, which is essential for developing competitive and disruptive technologies. A new government can play a crucial role in creating a more supportive system that balances access to data with strong data privacy and security measures. This could involve initiatives such as data-sharing programs, public-private partnerships, or providing legal and regulatory guidance to help start-ups navigate complex data landscapes. Again, it will be interesting to see which party really delves into the need for reform in this area on their campaign trail”

“Overall, I’d like to see greater support for the UK SME sector which has had a difficult few years amid an ongoing challenging economic landscape. For example, recent cutbacks in tax credits for R&D efforts have hindered growth. Reinstating and enhancing these tax incentives could provide a much-needed boost to R&D teams, encouraging them to invest more resources into cutting-edge research and development projects. This would then lead to faster advancements in generative AI and position the UK as a global leader in this rapidly growing and moving industry. AI is not going away and the wider incentives need to be there for businesses to innovate.”