Tim Mart from Know You More

Tim Mart, founder of Know You More:

“I want to see the new government work towards three key areas for businesses:

  1. I would love to see the next government introduce more flexible working policies and incentives for small businesses. As a father and entrepreneur, I’ve experienced first-hand how crucial striking the balance between growing a business and being present for family life is. By offering incentives like tax breaks or grants to small businesses providing flexible arrangements, the government could open the access to a whole new range of flexible roles whilst increasing productivity and inclusivity in the workforce.
  2. Whilst it was created with the right intentions the apprenticeship levy should be reviewed. Small businesses have found it challenging to take advantage of the levy and often have to find work around to be able to access funds. Although the levy is not solely for those early in their career, I’d like to see any changes encourage more businesses to invest in training and development for the young workforce. Know You More has been delivering free 1:1 professional coaching to 18 to 25-year-olds for years, and experienced countless young adults go on from our programme to find the career they wanted because of the highly sought after human skills they developed during their time with us. Whether it’s changes to this system or scrapping it and replacing it with another, the government should continue to encourage more businesses to invest in early careers through training and mentorship.
  3. We’ve had good experiences in engaging with the government that have in turn led to us working together on meaningful projects together. Most recently this has included supporting the wellbeing of education staff across the country. It is not only of value but also a responsibility if we want to make changes in our communities. As business leaders, we see things differently and our perspective often leads to solutions that the government wouldn’t be able to see or action otherwise.”