Make Your Office Somewhere People Want to Be

There are a lot of calls happening right now for companies asking their people to come back from remote working to the office full time. There is a lot of uproar about this because the one thing that the pandemic did teach us that people don’t need to be chained to a desk to be able to get their work done.

It was proven that remote workers are productive and are able to balance their work and their life better. Companies that are pulling people back to the office are usually doing it at the behest of office landlords and commercial landlords who still want to get their cash. If you have an office space and you have been told to bring your team back in, then you need to make sure that your office is somewhere that people want to be. And here’s how you can do it.

  1. Make the office a welcoming place to be. Whether you start the ball rolling with companies such as to get the whole office refitted or you simply bring in the painters and decorators to give it a refresh. You need to make the office welcoming and somewhere that people want to sit in in the first place. The physical office has to be welcoming, so you have got to look at the amenities and the aesthetics. Is it a nice place to walk into? Is it bright or dull? Is it warm or is it freezing cold? The space should have plenty of light, it should feel flexible and it should inspire workers to want to be there and not be at home.
  2. Make sure that your office space is meeting employees needs. We talked about amenities and the reason for that is because you need to make it a place where people have the flexibility to work the way they want. Do you have standing desks? Do you have breakout rooms and meeting spaces? Do you have spaces with vending machines so that people can get a snack? During the day, a wide open workspace fosters that inclusive environment, but some workers like to have somewhere private to sit quietly and work and not really interact. Making sure that you accommodate both types of workers is how you’re going to keep people feeling productive and wanting to work.
  3. Offer some natural options. If you make sure that you have an outdoor seating area, some great food that is locally sourced, and some high end coffee bars or even a coffee machine in house, you’re going to make sure that people feel like they want to be there. Natural options, especially when it comes to breathing in some fresh air, really do make a difference to the way that people work. If you are also embracing sustainability you’re going to impress your employees and make them want to be in the office. Safe, non-toxic products for cleaning and pest control and sustainable supplies and fixtures make your offices a more comfortable place to be.
  4. Upgrade your technology. Employees should have access to the recent technology and computing setups that they’ve been used to having in our home. If you’re people who like to work with multiple monitors then make sure you’re supplying them. Multifunction devices for the production and the distribution of output is really going to make a big difference.