5 warm destinations to visit during spring

April is here, promising spring sunshine and daffodils, but there’s also a strong chance of rain. So, the experts at Holiday Hypermarket explore some of the best places for you to avoid the downpours this month

I know carrying an umbrella is an everyday necessity with Britain’s forever-winter climate, but mid-spring’s longer days and stronger sun means showers are much more common at this time of year. So, if the thought of running into your office to avoid lashings of rain every day is getting you down, why not escape the April showers this year and head towards a sun-filled destination? To help plan your trip, Holiday Hypermarket has listed a selection of places with very little rainfall during spring.

cape verde


April sees an average temperature of 26°C with an average rainfall of 2 days

If it’s sun you’re after Dubai has plenty to dish out. With a sweltering climate during most of the year, it’s safe to say showers are rare here. But the weather isn’t the only draw, the city’s spectacular skyline, grand shopping malls and desert safaris all contribute to Dubai’s status as one of the most extraordinary places on the map.

Looking for the best view in the whole of Dubai? Then head towards the tallest structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The building has an observation deck located on the 124th floor, offering incomparable views of the city’s multi-million-pound skyline. Perhaps you’d rather escape those tourist spots? If so, try an evening desert safari. Ride across the desolate desert and stop at a camel farm while you witness a Middle Eastern sunset. Then, as you reach the campsite don’t be surprised if you’re welcomed by the smell of barbeque smoke – hope you’re hungry!


Average temperature of 28°C with an average rainfall of 3 days

Warm days, exotic shores and laid-back nights; yes you’re in Aruba, so leave the brolly at home! Simply laze in a hammock with your favourite book or try every water sport imaginable in this tropical paradise. Whatever you choose, Aruba’s island vibe will leave you feeling fully-refreshed on your return. Are you shopaholic? If so, Aruba’s tax-free status is a good enough reason to hit those open-air malls. But don’t forget to explore the many flea markets and street stalls as you’re sure to bag some quirky Caribbean gifts for your friends and family back home.

Once you’ve spent all your hard-earned cash, round the day off with one of the Caribbean’s most breath-taking sunset sittings. 5-star and 4-star accommodation is standard here, so if its luxury you’re after on one of the most calming coastlines, Aruba is the island for you!

Cape Verde

Average temperature of 23°C with an average rainfall of 1 day.

If it’s relaxation you’re after in a stress-free environment away from the confines of your daily office setting, then Cape Verde is a no brainer. This stunning destination is a traveller’s dream with its year-round sun spots. Plus, its unspoilt beaches and boutique hotels make this island a short-haul alternative to the Caribbean. You’ll find a blend of African, Brazilian and Portuguese influences here, so get ready to experience an array of cultures during your time on this vibrant island.

There are also plenty of activities to try if you’re bored with sunbathing. From November to April strong winds lash the ocean waves into a frenzy, making this an ideal spot for windsurfing. Prefer to keep your feet on dry land? Well, you’ll be happy to discover that Cape Verde has its fair share of walking opportunities with a stunning mountainous landscape.

Goa, India

Average temperature of 29°C with an average rainfall of 1 day

Soak up the sun this year in exotic India. From the south to the north you’ll come across some of the earth’s most natural beauty along with the finest cuisine imaginable. There’s nowhere quite like this place. Forget high-rise hotels and crammed beaches because Goa’s more about watching cows sunning themselves on the beach, visiting spice farms and trips to ancient temples. Although Goa has long been associated with hippies and backpackers, it is now looking to attract a much more upmarket crowd.

Imagine spending the night in a Rajhastani tent located on one of India’s most picturesque beaches. Think swaying palm trees and star-lit rippling waters as you set up camp – sounds incredible, right? This rainfall-free country also has some of the oldest churches in the whole of India, so if you’re a lover of stunning architecture why not spend your days exploring these magnificent structures?

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Average temperature of 25°C with an average rainfall of 9 days

This former World Cup host country has charmed tourists for years. Stunning beaches beside an urban city backdrop, surrounded by tropical rainforests is what makes Rio one of the most diverse landscapes in the world. But the best way to see Brazil’s true beauty is from Christ the Redeemer, which stands high above the tree-tops on Corcovado Mountain. This is one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’ and welcomes visitors with open arms – literally!

Do you want to let your hair down? Well, Brazil is the place to loosen up with its nightlife-loving vibes. Listen to samba beats as they play out into the pathways from the many music venues which line Rio’s streets.

So, where will you be jetting off to avoid the rain?


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