How digital printing is supporting online business

Digital print media and online media do not need to be completely separate entities. In fact, many online businesses are using print media to their advantage and if your online business isn’t, then you’re likely to be missing out. Digital print media can help online businesses to boost their customer base and increase their brand awareness, but ultimately, print media can lead to many more sales.

shutterstock_131246387While the trend for shopping and buying online is ever-increasing, people will still browse catalogues and brochures before taking to the Internet. Many shoppers will simply visit your site because they have seen the name on a leaflet or poster advertising your services or business. Therefore, even if you do most or even all of your business online, you will still benefit from the use of leaflets, outdoor advertising, catalogues and even printed vouchers.

Working together

Whether you decide to go small with a simple leaflet or postcard, or go big and print a full catalogue or brochure; digital print media can work in harmony with your online business to help generate brand awareness and sales.

Many of the big online retailers know the power of digital print media and this is why they still offer catalogues for their customers to browse through. This gives them the chance to note down the products they want and then search for them online. The smartphone generation has also led to print media being able to incorporate this technology in ways such as barcode or QR scanners, giving customers immediate access to product information and allowing customers to interact digitally with the printed catalogue or brochure.

Smaller print media options such as leaflets, postcard and vouchers can help to spread brand awareness and create interest and curiosity about your online business. Include a select number of your services or products in a leaflet to attract people to your website to learn more. You can even include offers to entice new customers.

The power of social media

It’s true that social media is everywhere nowadays and it can have a huge influence over the way online customers shop. Digital print media that includes a call to action can increase your social media presence, spreading brand awareness. Use hashtags to invite customers to join in twitter conversations or invite them to like your Facebook page for offers and discounts – use print media to promote your social media sites and watch as your online presence increases.

Back to the basics

While you may consider print media an old tool and useless in today’s technology-driven world, it is quite the opposite and this perception would be costly mistake. Digital print media lends credibility to your business, as it shows you are committed to what you do and that your business is here to stay. When customers see your company name and logo consistently then they will see that your company is one to be trusted.

Print media such as leaflets and posters are eye-catching and when seen on a regular basis, will instil a sense of trust in a customer as they see this marketing scheme as your commitment to your business. Outdoor advertising is another way to increase your brand awareness and get your companies name into the mind of the customer. Customers are much more likely to visit your online business page once they have seen your name and logo repeatedly.

Digital print media makes your company much more accessible to your customers and at Cestrian they can help you to create a print media campaign which will see your customer base and your sales increase dramatically.