4 benefits of using diaphragm pumps in manufacturing

While Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps (AODD) are not a new addition to the market, they have quickly gained traction among manufacturing industries. Over recent decades, brands such as Sandpiper Pumps, have undergone many innovations and improvements, giving AODD pumps the edge over alternative pumping methods in liquid transfer applications.


AODD pumps are used in multiple manufacturing industry applications. From food processing to paint production, AODD pumps are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Their versatility means that there is a pump for almost any fluid.

The pumping of fluid is an integral requirement for a range of manufacturing industries and the liquid being pumped can frequently contain varying amounts of solids. From sludge and slurries to pebbles and particulates, AODD pumps can handle a host of fluids.

Likewise, they are not restricted to pumping liquids that contain solids. Infinitely variable flow rates and variable discharge pressures ensure AODD pumps can handle a large range of fluids. AODD pumps can cope with aggressive chemicals and even viscous fluids. Many other pumps struggle with viscous materials, however, the flow rate of AODD pumps is directly proportional to the speed of the pump. In this type of application, AODD pumps automatically reduce the pumping rate as the level of viscosity increases. AODD pumps are available in sizes capable of pumping as slow as 1 gallon per minute.

With manufacturers offering a range of flexible sizes, users can buy a pump that will give them a perfectly balanced system. AODD pumps also boast fully sealed units. As such, should the application arise, they can operate efficiently while being completely submerged.


AODD pumps are renowned for their reliability, as they have very few moving parts and components. Unlike those with close-fitting or rotating mechanisms, AODD pumps boast a simple design and construction. Where abrasive slurries can cause serious wear to functioning parts, potentially causing significant restoration costs and in some cases, suspending productivity, the size and construction of AODD pumps mean such issues rarely occur with their use. Similarly, they are easily dismantled for maintenance or diaphragm replacement.

AODD pumps are also able to run dry without the need for oil or expensive high quality lubricants. They are self-priming and therefore have good suction capabilities. Often used in applications where the suction conditions are difficult, such as emptying tanks and containers, the pumps do not stall or become clogged and running dry doesn’t result in damage. Discharge flow rates are adjusted by controlling the air inlet, meaning complex control systems are not required.


With no motors or seals, AODD pumps are less prone to leaking fluid than other pumps. This makes the AODD pump the ideal choice when handling volatile, corrosive or dangerous liquids. As AODD pumps use compressed air as their power source, they are intrinsically safe. As such, they are ideal for use in applications where it is not possible to use electricity or it is dangerous to do so. From hazardous or explosive environments to remote sites, AODD pumps provide a safe liquid transfer solution.

Ease of use

One of the pertinent selling points of AODD pumps is their ease of use and installation. With no close-fit, sliding or rotating parts, initial assembly of the pump is minimal. Their simplicity appeals to a wide range of users in manufacturing industries. Once connected to a compressed airline, AODD pumps effectively take care of themselves.

AODD pumps provide additional versatility, as they are also lightweight and portable. If a compressed air supply is available, an AODD pump can be installed wherever it is required and switched to other operations with ease. They are commonly employed in manufacturing processes throughout the UK, as compressed air is frequently used as a power source within these environments for driving other tools and equipment.

AODD installation costs are minimal because the pumps can be positioned wherever there is adequate space. They can even be submerged in liquid if it is compatible with the pump’s construction material.

When compared with those pumps that incorporate multiple electrical components and parts, AODDs are easy to dismantle and repair, offering a lower maintenance option. With few moving parts to suffer wear and tear, replacements are kept to a minimum and spares are generally standardised and fairly low cost. Maintenance is easy to carry out and can be done using standard tools, as specialist equipment is not necessary. Since there are few components that require maintenance, it is also relatively straightforward to refurbish AODD pumps. This increases their lifespan and in turn, decreases their cost of ownership.