Key elements of a resume – What exactly you should know

Nowadays, it cannot be rejected that having a powerful and convincing resume is crucial when it comes to finding proper employment.

As a matter of fact, a good resume is a key to the doors of the interview room where you would be able to complete the final step of becoming a decent employee. However, writing a brilliant resume is not that simple as it might seem at first sight.

resumeSome applicants write too much, while others tend to tell not enough about themselves. Some are likely to boast while others keep their wonderful talents under the hat. This article has been written in order to tell you what exactly you should know when writing a decent resume.

Start from the beginning

The first and foremost thing that you have to know before you even start writing the draft of your resume is the job description of the position that you apply for. Regardless of how awkward it might sound, but quite often it turns out that folks are not familiar with what the employer expects of them. The writing professionals from the Craft Resumes portal emphasize on the value of learning the job requirements by heart before proceeding with writing. You can find out more about Craft Resumes online service online and get some proper assistance with the resume of your employer’s dreams.

Make use of space

If you understand the basics of online marketing then you know that if your text does not make the customer interested in reading it within the first five seconds then it is a bad copy. The same rule applies perfectly well to your resume. You have to make sure that the top third of your resume makes your potential employer interested in reading it and not putting it “into the pile”. If you want to know what the business leaders are looking for in the applicants’ resumes, you can read about it on the Talk Business website.

Make your email look professional

Imagine that you apply for the position of a solicitor in a reputable law firm that offers quite a decent remuneration for your professional services. You have a proper education that is totally compatible with the employer’s requirements, and there even is some experience behind your back. But all of a sudden, the employer receives an email with an attached resume from an address sweeetbunny @ If you want to make it to the job interview, make sure that your email address looks professional. By the way, here comes a small guide for you on how to make a great first impression in your next job interview.

Double-check your contact information

Very often it might happen that people forget to change their contact information in the resume and as a result, end up at the bottom of the career ladder. Remember, if the company is interested in you, they will start calling you and will never send you an email. So, don’t waste your time and go and check whether your resumes hold the updated version of your contact information. There is a lot of important information that belongs on your resume that you may accidentally miss out. If you really want to get the job, read this checklist to be on the safer side.

Dwell on your experiences in reverse

Believe me, nobody is interested in reading how you started your professional endeavors and how you struggled to move along the way of professional development. The hiring officer wants to know from the very beginning why you are the one they have been searching for so long. For example, if you wanted to become an executive in a big company, you would need to know that there is no time for reading the trifles of one’s aspirations and desires. Stay solid! Stay succinct!

Use templates

We are living in a wonderful world where the Internet already has everything that you need for writing a decent resume. You can always find copious resume templates online and just fill in your information.


Writing a proper resume has never been an easy task. Nonetheless, there is a need to understand that this document can have a big influence on your professional future. So, make sure that you follow the steps disclosed and discussed in this article before you actually start writing your ticket into a better future.

Jennifer Broflowski is an Australian professional copywriter who has always been eager about writing, editing, and proofreading. An individual think-tank, Jennifer’s articles are being published and read with admiration all over the Internet.