What site monitoring can tell you that benefits your company

Site monitoring tools have been used by many different types of webpages. This dashboard of information gives you real-time data pertaining to the overall functioning of your domain.

The beauty about log analysis – Loggly is that it’s not only easy to use for site monitoring, but it can be essential when it concerns bringing in more traffic and unique hits. This can improve your ranking on search engines, making it more likely that people will click on the link to visit your page.

Visitor hits and traffic

One thing that you can get out of site monitoring is knowing the amount of visitor hits you get in an hour, day, month or year. You can easily see how many hits your site is getting and where these visitors are coming from. Not only does this help you in determining the popularity of any one site that you own, but it can be essential in making marketing decisions in the future. You’ll know which demographic to target and where most of your traffic is coming from.


The monitoring program sends you alerts either on the dashboard itself, via email or phone. These alerts may be related to a possible security breach or some other type of issue that your site is experiencing. As far as security threats, no webpage is safe and hackers can easily gain access to the site through old applications and sloppy, open files. The alert will let you know if there’s a problem and where it is happening.

Server usage

Server usage is a lot more important than you might think. When your website is new, server usage might not necessarily be a problem. However, when the webpage begins to grow, you’ll add more and more files that will take up necessary space on the server. If you’re using too much of this data, it can cause downtime and page load issues that could be an issue for your visitors.

Network latency

Speed issues are a common problem among site owners. If your website isn’t loading properly, this can cause major problems as far as visitor satisfaction is concerned. Your visitors might not want to stay around for long periods of time if they’re having issues loading every single page that they are accessing. Your site monitoring tool will help you when it comes to latency problems that could otherwise undermine your domain’s success.

System load

A successful webpage gets a lot of traffic every single day. While this can be a great thing for many up and coming domains, it can also be a problem when it comes to system load. The more visitors that you get to your page, the more space is being used and this can translate into unscheduled downtime for the people who access it. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using a monitoring tool that allows you to identify system load so that you can make changes to either free up space or add more to work with the number of visitors you receive on a daily basis.