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V for Vinyl… and business Visibility!

It’s a fact of life that some of life’s best opportunities happen when you are somewhere else… Your product might be exactly what a potential client really needs, or maybe a particular service you offer would change a customer’s life for the better – but to get noticed, your offer must be clearly visible, even when you’re not around.

We can communicate with potential customers in many different ways. Online marketing is crucially important for most contemporary businesses, and it’s essential that the message reflects your organisation’s standards. As with all company communications, a poor website is probably worse than no website at all, since it sends out all the wrong messages – and of course, website messages go global! But even a great website is rarely enough on its own: most sites need quality graphics and signage to carry the key messages to potential customers as they go about their daily, ‘real-world’ business. Real, touchable communications place brands and campaigns right in front of their target audience, day after day. High quality yet cost-efficient PVC (‘vinyl’) banners are a perfect example. From humble roots years ago, the vinyl banner is now a high-tech, durable and highly flexible communicator that offers great returns on investment. A quality vinyl banner from a wide-format digital print specialist like Aura Print will get your brand noticed over and over again for a surprisingly low cost.

Just consider some of the many ways you could use a vinyl banner…

Exhibitions and corporate events  If you’re hiring space at a trade show, event or exhibition, a vinyl banner can transform a plain hired stand into a smartly branded one. With bright, attractive colours and designs and your own logo grabbing the limelight, your credibility and visibility will score high. And when the show’s over, your banners are easily packed away and stored ready for next time.

Conferences   Always buzzing with people and activity, conference halls are challenging business environments, but a vertical or horizontal banner is a top way to get your message seen by the crowd. There are options to suit every purpose and pocket, from sleek roller banners and easy-to-carry hanging banners to stylish pop-up banners, all of which you can use over and over again. For event organisers, they make great, low-cost navigation and touchpoint signage, too.

Exterior advertising  Latest print and production technologies mean that contemporary outdoor banners are remarkably strong and durable. Colours remain sharp and pristine, and your message keeps looking good long-term. Whatever size you need, there’s a vinyl banner to match your needs, designed just the way you want it. For breezy locations, consider a vinyl mesh banner: their super-strong mesh construction resists the wind and broadcasts your message to the masses.

Campaigns and special events  Got a special event, promotion or marketing campaign coming up? Vinyl banners will be valuable tools that help get you noticed. There are so many options to choose from – maybe a traditional hanging vinyl banner, an impressive frame banner or a funky pop-up… And if the range of choices befuddles you, help is only a call away. Digital print professionals like Aura Print will give you all the help you need to make the ideal decision for you.

Aura Print is a digital wide-format print house with a fantastic list of happy and loyal customers. We’re passionate about the quality of the materials we use and produce, ensuring that our products will do a great job for every customer. We turn orders around quickly and our prices are extremely competitive. Our website offers a beautifully simple and fast ordering option but should you need a helping hand, we’re very easy to talk to: just call!

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