Ways to increase productivity and employee morale

All employers desire a productive workforce – but employees also want to work in an enjoyable environment, one in which they feel part of something bigger, and their opinion matters.


Many of the problems that can hinder both can be easily sorted out by putting pen to paper – and to help celebrate National Stationery Week  (27th April – 3rd May) we’ve come up with 5 ways to simultaneously increase productivity and employee enjoyment:

1. Company Newsletter

A company newsletter is a fantastic way of collating lots of important and fun information under one roof. From an employer’s perspective you can use it to inform your workforce of targets reached, and thank them at the same time. You can also inform them of any impending legal changes or new company rules that affect them or the company. It’s also a great place to showcase team events such as fundraisers or team nights out, and many employees are happy to help contribute if they think their efforts makes the company a more enjoyable place to work.

2. Organising Social Events

Social events can often be the heartbeat of any company, and they help build team spirit and morale – which is imperative to employee enjoyment. If you’ve not already got anyone who is willing to organise social events at work then it’s usually a good idea to suggest that everyone comes up with some ideas and then organises one social event each. Ten-pin bowling and meals are often popular monthly night out, whilst a trip to the races is often a popular annual event where both ladies and men can dress up and enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere together.

3. Suggestion box

Whilst some people would sooner moan about something than do something about it, it’s often the case that many employees are a little bit apprehensive of suggesting ideas to management. A suggestion box provides the perfect opportunity for employees to write down an idea anonymously and yet still get the benefit of it if management deems it a good idea. However, if it isn’t possible to implement an idea, then a reason should be given – and transparency is always much appreciated by employees.

4. Notices and Posters

There have been lots of inspiring words written, many of which are relevant in the workplace, and displaying these motivational tools can have a positive effect on the office atmosphere. Why not ask everyone to write down their favourite motivational saying – and then print up some posters or notices to display around the office.

5. Complaints

Nobody really likes dealing with complaints. However, by encouraging people to come forward with small complaints, and dealing with them quickly, can often stop them escalating into something much bigger. It’s a great idea to have an employee complaints procedure in place where they can fill in a form that will then be discreetly dealt with. It may be something as simple as a clash of personalities, and these can often be sorted out quickly. Nip the problem in the bud and you can also limit employee absence and avoid potential litigation cases.

Employers and employees should have the right to communicate their feelings at work, and to strive for better productivity and a more enjoyable working environment in equal measures. We also believe that the best way to do this is by putting pen to paper.

Other ways to get involved can be found on the video below:


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