6 ways to make your video conferencing more effective

Video conferencing has become second nature in 2020 to anyone working remotely or looking to having a face-to-face meeting without the risk of catching COVID-19. 

Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout are amongst the most thriving businesses in 2020 and these video conferencing technologies are being used every day and are now crucial to running an effective, successful business.

video conferencing more effectiveHowever, with adopting any new technology comes challenges and whilst a lot of us have jumped onto these platforms, there are a number of ways to make your video conferencing more effective, as we investigate below.

Make it easy to log onto

If you have multiple people joining a video conference, some parties may find it confusing to log in to use and how to use the platform.

Certainly with the likes of Zoom, many struggle to download the app on their phone or desktop and log on using the invitation details – with people regularly needing to resend the invitation over and over.

The result can be very ineffective and unproductive, with phone calls being delayed, people jumping in at different times and losing consistency.

If Zoom has given you and your guest trouble in the past, consider using things like Google Meets which is just one unique link to log into, or use Whereby to create your own personalised link which can be sent to guests and used over and over in the future.

Have a good background

When working from home and using a video conference tool, your background should also look professional. Too often are people sitting in their children’s bedroom or there are family photos in the background, which loses its professional edge.

Experts interviewed on Sky News and BBC have adopted the ‘bookcase look’ and sitting in front of a bookcase looks more professional.

Otherwise, avoid anything distracting in the background like photos or anything that relates to home – and avoid conferencing in rooms that look bare and miserable since this gives a poor impression.

Create a personal space

On the same note, when having a video call, make sure that you have a personal space where you can focus and have peace and quiet. Find a place where you won’t be distracted by your children running in or your dogs barking or jumping on your lap.

Having a separate room in the house to work in is vital in 2020 and making sure that your family members know that they cannot disturb you on a call is important. Some households have social cues, such as shutting the door when they do not want to be disturbed and opening it when they are happy to be visited by other family members.

Have the right etiquette

Being on a video conferencing call is sometimes just as impressionable as having an effective meeting face-to-face. Whilst we might be working from home and wearing trackie bottoms, you will need to dress up for a video conference with a client.

A collared shirt is probably the best option for both males and females and wearing a tie is probably a requirement if you work in corporate. Otherwise a polo shirt of plain coloured shirt can be sufficient to add more professionalism.

Similarly, brushing your hair and washing your face before a call can make a difference – and certainly give the right impression.

Remember that you’re on camera!

Zoom participants have been caught rolling their eyes, scratching their nose and even falling asleep whilst on a call.

You must always remember that if your video button is on, that the other guests can watch you at all times – and this is something that you might forget after being on a call for 1 hour.

If you are prone to the eye-roll or nodding off, be sure to turn off your camera when on a call.

Tidy up your desktop

If you do screen-sharing with the client, make sure that your background desktop has been tidied up. Having hundreds or thousands of files all over your desktop will look very messy and disorganised and could lead to a negative response. Whilst on your screen, you are being judged and closing any other tabs like social media or betting will also be recommended!