6 smart ways to drive traffic to your business website

As 2021 progresses, the number of business websites continues to grow in the United Kingdom and worldwide, with about 1.7 billion websites around the world!

In such a competitive space, it’s prudent for your enterprise to identify the fundamental elements that will make it stand out above others. Your website is the first contact your clients may establish with your brand, and it’s through that platform that you can generate viable leads. How can you improve your website to drive traffic?  

drive traffic to your business website

Here are six simple ways to drive traffic to your business website:

1. Give your website a professional look

Does your website look cluttered and difficult to read? Then it’s best to work on it to improve user experience. Indeed, it can be quite challenging to evaluate your website objectively, and that’s why you need a fresh pair of eyes for this activity. According to website, more than 43% of site visitors skim through websites, not taking the time to read the content. This statistic makes it even more critical for businesses to pay attention to their website’s overall appearance to attract and sustain interest. Doing this includes working on your graphics, font, and other visual elements incorporated into the website. 

A professional website uses a colour scheme that corresponds with the type of business it represents online. Therefore, if your establishment is a child-focused business, it’s best to use appealing and colourful hues. Most importantly, you should avoid copying other websites blindly. There are subtle themes that run through every business website, and without insight on what yours is, you risk coming across as unprofessional. 

Lastly, avoid distracting blinking effects, bouncing imagery, and cluttered font to improve readability. If in doubt about the professional look of your website, contact experts such as LGC Media to give your site that valuable first impression.

2. Make effective use of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for any business is a critical and beneficial marketing tool. It involves improving your site’s visibility and positioning your page in your target audience’s minds. Besides helping to draw attention to your site, it’s an excellent way of converting leads to impact business revenue and opens up several opportunities to reach your target market. A good SEO strategy can drive traffic to the site and automatically draws more potential leads to your page.

Naturally, people are more likely to transact business with companies they see frequently. Therefore, with good SEO, you can be assured that your entity will appear in several search engine results to generate curiosity. Because customers tend to act on interest when trying out businesses, you’d have fulfilled your primary objective.

3. Make your site mobile-friendly

With the advent of smartphones and internet convenience, many consumers prefer to use their mobile devices than laptops or desktop computers. According to a 2020 Statista survey, the UK’s smartphone penetration rate stands at 87%, meaning only 13% of mobile users don’t have access to smartphones. With these statistics, it’s worth knowing that more and more people find it convenient to access websites on their smartphones.

Therefore, businesses need to be proactive in response to this trend. If your primary goal is to draw attention to your site, ensure that it conforms to AMP specifications. Accelerated Mobile Page is an HTML framework that optimises browsing on a mobile device. Because of the technicalities involved, hiring the best professionals for this job is recommended as they know what to do to help your website draw attention.

4. Develop quality content with keywords

Your website’s content isn’t entirely about filling it up with imagery and information on what you do. You should also pay attention to the quality of your content to connect with your target audience and boost your site’s rankings. More importantly, new technologies are invented every day to enhance how search engines interpret content quality. In essence, the higher your quality, the higher the possibility of being able to drive traffic.

You can get started by incorporating unique keywords. First of all, quality website content contains unique keywords. People searching online usually centre their activities on content relevant to them. Therefore, it’s best to research what your target audience is looking out for so you can respond appropriately. Remember that SEO depends mainly on keywords, and when you get it right, the benefits are endless.

5. Set up an excellent website architecture

Your site’s architecture includes the arrangement of pages in a hierarchical manner to simplify the work of search engine bots. It’s a compilation of all the technical considerations you need to make to enhance your users’ experience. The main factors involved in this step are ease and accessibility, which draw and sustain attention to your website. Additionally, it would help if you let your web designer incorporate codes that will prevent your site from getting overlooked by major search engines. Doing this will help prevent your business from losing the attention you’re trying to attract to your brand. It’s advisable to use the latest encrypting systems to enhance security as well.  

6. Avoid duplicating your website content

Sometimes, in the bid to fill up their website pages, some businesses make the mistake of repeating content, which doesn’t yield favourable results. Considering how search engines work, you only risk getting unnoticed, which isn’t suitable for your website. Even worse, some search engines are designed to regard duplicate content as irrelevant, and that puts your online footsteps in the dark. 

Admittedly, it may be challenging to detect duplicate content on your site. Fortunately, there are basic programmes such as Siteliner you can use to check these. All you need to do is type your site’s URL and wait for the results.

Driving traffic to your business website is vital to enable your business to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Hopefully, with the tips listed above, you gained some insight into some practical ways to do this. Although the online space is crowded, you can stand out and drive traffic to your website with some effort and creativity.