You need a receptionist. Here’s why!

It’s commonly thought that the most important person in a business is the leader – it’s not the case. If you are looking to figure that out, then you don’t have a receptionist.


The receptionist on the front desk of your business is going to be the gatekeeper, the face of your company and the person who ensures that the rest of the business is safe. They are the ones who permit entry to others in your business and they will help to manage all of the smaller processes that keep the cogs in your business turning.

Did you know that 75% of all people who call into your business will hang up if they get through to a voicemail? With the help of a receptionist at the front of the office, you won’t have to worry about missing out on all these opportunities. A receptionist is someone who is so much more than just a voice at the other side of the line. They are the extension that your business needs, the person behind the plastic card printer that your visitors will use for security and the person organizing the paperwork. Your business needs a receptionist in the front seat, and here’s why:

  1. Your business will be more productive. No matter what size your business is, a receptionist is going to improve the productivity of your company. They’ll handle the phones ringing telephone and they prioritize the projects your business has so that nothing falls between the cracks. They are productive individuals and they are there to help.
  2. Receptionists are professional. Trained receptionists are familiar with the jargon that comes with your business and they are familiar with your processes, too. They can relate to customers, clients and to the staff you have and they keep everything smooth between the front and back of the house.
  3. They are a bargain. Any business who has had a receptionist before knows that it’s a bargain investment. Hiring staff is a huge investment and expense for a business, which means that you need to hire staff that really matter. If you have a lot of calls in your business, you might want someone guarding the phones properly for you. A receptionist is a bargain and well worth it!
  4. They’re organised. Every business needs to have someone in charge of ensuring that it remains to be a well oiled machine. Your business is going to benefit from a receptionist who can prioritize all of the interactions in your business. They are organised and efficient – and you need that!
  5. They are the first impression. Your company receptionist is going to be someone who offers people the first impression of your business. They are the face that people come to feel comfortable seeing and they project the right image for your company. You need a receptionist who can be the first impression that your business needs – even if you don’t know it right now. They are the people ensuring that your visitors list is secure, that your information is secure – they offer the best impression.