How to be successful in link building

Link building is a part of SEO that you should embrace as an enhancement to your marketing effort.

Although many people will argue that content matters more, without link building the content may be as good as dead. You need links and brand mentions to improve the authority of your website. There are numerous ways you can create a strong link profile for your website without making the mistake of triggering Google to flag your action. But it is not easy to be successful in link building.

successful in link building

Here are some ideas you could use for a successful link building strategy.

Research and learn from your competitors

These days, there are many SEO tools that you can use to analyse the link profile of your competitors. Borrowing ideas for link building from your competitors is one of the steps you can take to fight competition while also giving your business a chance to emerge triumphant. Look at the sites that are linking to your competitors and reach out to them for guest posts. If your competitors are ranking well from these sources, then it means you could also reap good results by getting links from several of them.

Guest posting and interlinking

One of the most suitable ways through which you can earn links is by getting guest posting opportunities. There are few steps that you should follow to get guest posting opportunities.

Here is the most essential part of that process:


This includes finding sites relevant to your niche that have a good DA or PR. Look for sites with credible traffic for the best impact.

Browse posts

You should take time to study the sites you have identified to know if it would possible to get an opportunity to do publish a guest post. Some sites even call for authors to submit articles, so this would be a plus.


Having gone through point number two above, you probably know the name of the editor or CEO, so you can address them directly.


Once your topic is approved, you can throw in some links naturally.

Replicate this procedure in about 20 sites and you could be lucky to get even five opportunities, which is a good thing that will boost the link profile of your website.

Elevate your content strategy

Content is one of the reasons people will want to link to you. Publish high quality articles that are informative and you will earn links naturally when other bloggers are writing about the same topic. Your content will be used as a resource for gathering materials while writing. If your brand is growing quickly and there is a need for aggressive marketing you can outsource to a ghost marketing that will do everything about creating links.

Use social media

With good and well-structured content, you can reach new audiences and get some links. Tweet about your blog and utilize hashtags to reach specific audiences, and you could inspire someone to link to your blog. You can also expose your content through Facebook and when people share and like your content it counts in your SEO performance.

One of the solutions you should embrace for marketing your website is building relevant links. You need to look for sites that have open opportunities for guest posts than through them submit articles that link back to your site. Make sure not to use the same linking anchor text as this could appear unnatural to Google search robots.