5 tips to improve user experience on a website

If your website isn’t converting or you’re in the process of designing a new website, then it’s imperative to look at features that will benefit UX – user experience.

Here we take a look at 5 important user experience tips that can help have a positive impact on your website.

user experienceHave a website that is mobile friendly

In today’s world your website should look good on all devices. Having a mobile-friendly and responsive site is a must as in most cases, people are accessing a site on their mobile. A simple test is to go on your site with your mobile and see how it looks and works on your device.

Optimise images

Having a fast website is crucial. Visitors to your site aren’t going to wait around all day waiting for it to load. There are some stats that say people wouldn’t wait for more than 3 seconds so how do you get a website to load that fast? One thing you can do is compress the images on your site; this will reduce the time it takes to load the image and therefore the page.

Make your design clear

When designing or amending your website, make sure the design is clear – don’t try and clutter the pages with everything you offer and sell. Have a clear and easy-to-read headline on each page – don’t make the visitor work hard to figure out what the website offers. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll get frustrated and leave your site.

Contact details

The visitor is interested in what you offer and wants to contact you, but your contact details are hidden and hard to find, what’s going to happen? They’re likely to give up and use another company. Make sure your contact details are easy to locate. Sounds obvious, but there are many sites that don’t clearly show their address, phone number or email clearly on most pages.

Well-placed calls to action

Call to actions (CTAs) are there to point visitors to what you want them to do on your website. A good website design will place CTA buttons in areas that are subtle and effective. We’d advise you not to decorate your site with dozens of CTAs – place them in areas that would be beneficial, such as at the end of sentences or when visitors are making a decision. 

Make your clicks clear

If you can click, make it clear. Don’t frustrate visitors. For clickable links, make sure the word is underlined and in a different colour to the main text. Also, if there are buttons, label them with an action such as ‘Submit’ or ‘Get Quote’. Basically, make it very obvious to the user.


And there you have it. 5 top tips to help your website improve its user experience. We hope you take these top tips and apply them to your site; the more you improve your user experience, the more likely they will convert on your website rather than your competitors.