What you need to know about local SEO

More searches than ever before are based on proximity to one’s places of work or home. With the recent pandemic, the need to find local businesses has become even more relevant.

Despite being a relatively quick fix many small businesses are missing out on these customers. In this article, Pearl Lemon will be giving you all you need to know for improving your local SEO.

know about local SEOLet’s jump in!

#1: Claim your business

You may think that having a site, registering your company, and leasing a place means you have claimed your business but there is actually another critical step. To make sure your local customers find you and know all about your business you will need to go to Google My Business. Once there make sure to do the following:

  1. Make sure your name and address are completely correct with zip code
  2. Hours and days of operation – this is especially important with COVID-19 restrictions
  3. Updated phone numbers
  4. Reviews and additional information can be added

Once your business is claimed continuously update it and make sure all information is relevant and useful to your consumers.

#2: The snack pack

With tens of thousands of people typing in queries like “local copy place” on Google, if you own a copy place you need to stand out – more importantly, you need to be in Google’s Snack Pack which is that prized box area that pops up whenever someone does a search. The top three local listings will get over thirty per cent of clicks go to the snack pack results. An SEO agency will be able to make sure you rank on both.

To get ranked in that pack is hard but not impossible. Some tips include:

  • Using relevant keywords to rank
  • Think about your location and search options (to do this use a tool like higher visibility)
  • Check out craigslist for keywords – people tend to use the same keywords over and over again
  • Google Autocomplete – just type in your search and see the drop-down menu then make a note of all the relevant ones (a great tool for this can be found with Ahrefs)

#3: Check out your competition

There is a reason your competition is doing well and you should know about it. Understanding what is helping your competitor get in the top ten for search results means that they are doing something you should be doing as well.

You can use a variety of tools to find out what their strategies are to improve your own. A popular tip is looking at large and small businesses to discover keywords you didn’t consider before. This allows you to take advantage of any of the easy fixes around your location.

Wrap up

If your business is being looked over then learn all you need to know about local SEO. It’s very likely that it has been something your company has been ignoring. By choosing an excellent SEO agency like Pearl Lemon you can easily remedy this and target your local audience bringing in more customers and increasing your rankings on SERPs dramatically.

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