Why you need a responsive website to keep customers coming back

A responsive website is critically essential to all and every business, big, medium or small. A responsive site is one that will give people an equally rewarding experience however they access your company website, say helicopter charter company, Skycam. 

Now that smartphone sales have overtaken PC sales, the web comes in all different shapes and sizes. A responsive website is one that has been designed, coded and delivered to work smoothly and seamlessly across all devices. Most modern web site builders like Wix and Squarespace are responsive on mobile devices. Make sure your website is fully mobile responsive and that users have a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

So whether your customer is on the office PC, using a laptop at a conference, on the beach with a tablet or in restaurant with an iPhone, they customers can order, review, share, find out where you are located or simply give you a call.

Skycam has launched a slick and functional new website to invigorate the helicopter company’s digital image. Five months in the making, the online booking platform comprises approximately 300 pages of content in both English and French, and makes it easier for clients to view and book flight routes and helicopter services. Here they tell us how a responsive website is paramount to keeping customers happy.

Online booking

An effective online booking system is a must for any responsive website. You can not keep your shop open 24/7 without costs piling up, but with an online booking system your business is open when convenient for your customers.

Skycam has delivered an excellent online booking system with a large interactive map on the homepage, allowing clients to view view all helicopter transfer routes, a large interactive map features on the homepage and depicts the location of landing spots, the distances between destinations, and the time taken to fly between each. Booking online is not just about booking your trip, but also about gaining information making customers feel safe knowing that they are booking exactly what customers want.

Contact forms

When a problem does arise in booking through a website it is helpful to be safe in the knowledge that someone will be there to help you. Of course, some people prefer picking up the phone, but being stuck on hold for 20 mins can rack up the phone bill and get very tiring.

A website contact form negates these problems and provides a useful tool that customers turn to when confused or unsure. If your website is a responsive design you might think it is easy to use therefore may not need a contact form, however problems can still arise with payment or a new bug in the booking system.


Content is king. This is what every SEO and marketing expert has been telling us in recent years. Updating your website regularly is something that every business should practice. Keeping your customers up to date with what you are doing allows them to be engaged with your brand and can be the start of their journey.

Skycam have a dedicated news section which will be populated with the latest company announcements, as well as destination reviews, luxury guides, and other interesting content. This is intended to provide travellers with the inspiration to discover new locations, from the Alps in the winter to the Cote d’Azur in the summer, or beyond.