10 unique promotions techniques to boost your ROI for 2018

With 2018 in our sites, there’s no time like the present to start planning marketing campaigns. Fortunately, there are many unique trends that are making their rounds, and there are super ways to enhance your business operations, improve your return on investment (ROI) and boost brand awareness.

Without further ado, let’s get around to the top 10 unique promotional techniques that you can use to boost your ROI.

  1. Focus on the user experience

The user experience, otherwise known as UX is the most important component of your business marketing strategy. Design is everything. A great user experience (UX) ensures returning customers, business patronage, and enhanced ROI. According to Veopix Design, 94% of a website user’s first experience is based on design. Therefore, it makes sense to put a lot of effort into designing your website for optimal effect. Akamai studies show that 79% of online shoppers who are unhappy with their UX will not buy from that website again. The UX should be maximized for the best possible ROI. There are many great promotional ideas to boost the user experience such as novel online loyalty programs which engage customers and will not break the bank for the company.

  1. Focus on metrics because numbers matter

It’s time for some more number-crunching madness. Analytics are important components of business functionality. It’s imperative to use unique URLs for all promotions that are launched, so that they can be identified, analyzed, and optimized where appropriate. By tracking links, perhaps even shortening URLs, it is possible to get better analytics, and details of where the traffic flow is coming from etc. Google Analytics, WordPress and paid services can prove especially beneficial in boosting your ROI through promotions. This blanket approach to a metrics-based focus will make every marketing campaign you run in 2018 more successful. If you know what you’re measuring, and how far you’re deviating from your objectives, you can run a much more effective campaign.

  1. Focus on incentivizing your marketing campaign

An incentive is anything that drives customers through the sales funnel. They will want to click on your links, click through your pages, and view your product offerings. A strategically-designed, targeted promotion will boost customer traffic to your website, and enhance ROI. Things like trial offers, free samples, coupons, discounts, price savings and the like are fantastic marketing ideas that resonate with customers. Of course, the right balance needs to be struck to ensure that the company remains profitable with these incentivized marketing campaigns. Coupons are always a big deal with customers, and it’s a great idea to focus on them as part of a marketing campaign in 2018.

  1. Focus on video marketing

Most consumers have grown tired of generic marketing campaigns with static banners, Photoshop images, and the seemingly perfect lives of celebrities, and swimsuit models. Video content is now the most converting, engaging, and immersive marketing resource available. 2018 will be saturated with high-quality video marketing content. Video marketing, dynamic video remarketing/retargeting and other non-generic multimedia channels are all the rage. These are the most converting boosters of ROI, and they drive sales in a big way.

  1. Focus on real traffic not fake influencers

Over the years, many businesses have paid for thousands of followers on social media channels like Facebook, G +, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the like. Paid social media numbers add no value to a business other than the appearance of a busy platform. While this window dressing may appear to be an effective strategy, it will not boost ROI in any meaningful way. Businesses that monitor engagement levels through their social media channels will want to avoid this type of strategy, since the engagement rates will be minimal despite the huge numbers. It is better to acquire real users with real opinions than a zombielike following of fake profiles. In 2018, we can expect more businesses to focus on a strategic approach to building their fan base.

  1. Focus on generous bonuses for customers

When it comes to driving traffic, people are innately drawn to freebies. For example, 888casino is currently running a converting marketing promotion where new players qualify for a generous €140 welcome bonus when they sign up at the casino. This new player offer is provided in tandem with several other offers currently run by the casino. Of course, with all bonuses and promotions, it is incumbent upon customers to check the terms and conditions to ensure that they are compliant with the rules. When done correctly, welcome bonuses can dramatically enhance ROI for companies.

  1. Focus on a powerful content marketing strategy with SEO

Everyone knows that content is king, and it always will be. Powerful content marketing strategies are highly effective at converting customers, driving traffic, and CTR rates. When content marketing strategies are combined with search engine optimization (SEO), the results are incredible. We will invariably see a greater focus on content with all sorts of marketing strategies in 2018. By linking keywords, meta-descriptions, meta-titles, and content to search engine specifications, it is possible to significantly improve the performance of any marketing campaign in 2018.

  1. Focus on direct mail postcards, email offers

Direct mail postcards are one of the preferred marketing mediums for retailers. The hit rate of these marketing mediums may be low, but enough repetition will eventually bring customers around. According to marketing gurus, customers need to see the same message at least 7 times before they decide to take action. This doesn’t mean that your marketing campaign must send out 7 postcards over time – it simply means that repetition is the key to increasing your ROI with any marketing campaign that you’re running. It’s best to use this type of strategy alongside other campaigns such as banner ads, video remarketing, email messaging, text messages etc.

  1. Focus on pricing correctly

When the price is right, buyers will be flocking to your e-commerce store. Every marketer knows that the number 9 is the magic number when it comes to pricing correctly. In multiple experiments across the board, whenever items are priced with 9 at the end, sales go up. For example, a University of Chicago study revealed that a woman’s clothing item priced at 3 price points: $34-$39-$44 sold at its best level when it was at $39, even better than the lower price of $34. This same psychology should be implemented in all marketing strategies employed in 2018.

  1. Focus on influencers and their audiences

When it comes to marketing initiatives, many companies like to get high profile celebrities, athletes, and superstars on board. However, numbers in and of themselves don’t mean anything if they are the wrong audience. Influencers may include powerful business people, swimsuit models, sports stars, and the like. However, a world-famous Brazilian supermodel may have millions of adoring fans (mainly men) who would not be the best audience for a company trying to market woman’s lingerie. That’s why it’s important to take the time to understand influencers and their audiences well to ensure the best fit.