Business location pages: Are they that important?

They are essential for your business website. With all of this, not every business owner take its time to develop them. Whether you’re looking for Predikkta SEO services Melbourne or any other services, it’s always a good idea to get help when you’re not sure about your plans.

You have to understand that they help Google in identifying pages and other business that are relevant to you when you’re searching for local queries. If your pages are designed properly, you’ll get what you deserve: your site will be placed by Google at its top results.

Most of the websites have some location details, such as an address and a contact number. Some even have a map of the exact place, which makes things even easier. But if a business has 2 or 3 different locations, this might make it hard for Google to decipher. To make it easier, there was invented a new navigation menu option, which included Store Finder, Our Locations and Stores.

You can do the design in 3 ways. You either do it wrong or right, or you just practice it. This is why we wrote this article, to make you understand the steps you have to take in order to create the best location pages.

Use Google My Business

Remember that this step is not a compulsory one, but it can certainly help you. If you don’t do this, your site will not appear in any local pack in the result pages from your search engine.

Those business which have less than 10 location will absolutely need to verify each of them individually. For those who have more than 10 locations can use a bulk location management and verification process to verify them.

These are the best practices for your location pages

If you have different pages for each of your location which are made wrong, you can somewhat manipulate your rank. Remember, your location needs to be accessible everywhere on your website.

Navigate to your location pages

These pages are part of your website, so why not treat them as the main page? Make them accessible from the page header. Label it as you wish. If you have less than 10 locations, you can put a drop-down menu, but is it really easier for your clients who use their smartphones to access your site? It’s easier to create a page with links to all the locations and some details about them.

Have a clear structure, an exact name and place the location page not too far from the main menu.

The content

Try to avoid making all the location pages the same, with the except of the name, address and phone number. They need diversity. And don’t forget to add the e-mail address, as well. Write about the trading hours and update them when needed (maybe the hours will change on Easter?). Also, having a precise location is always a good idea. Use Google Maps for this one.